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Welcome to the Maryland Ambassador program

Before you begin, we would like to cover some steps on how to be an effective representative of our brand and how to get started. Every ambassador is important to us, and we chose the best who suit our ideals and message. We want our brand to embody a motivated and positive image, and with your help we certainly can! Our message focuses on being unique, unrivaled, and empowering; simply you.



Instagram is such a powerful marketing tool! As an ambassador, one positive way to help grow the brand is posting and tagging us with one of our products. You will receive a 20% off discount-code for your followers to use when purchasing an item. In doing so, you will receive 50% commission everytime your code is used.

You can put your name in our ambassador priority list if you want the code now. We will email you the information with the code. Within the email, you will receive your personal link that tracks your money earned.






To begin, we have given you a ambassador code for 80% off below. All you need to do is copy-and-paste the code in the cart when ordering. We advise all ambassadors to have at least one article of our clothing because what is a rep without anything to represent? Please do not share this code with anyone. This code is specifically for you and only you.



As a team and a brand, we focus on quality over everything. Whenever, you take a picture tagging us wearing our clothes. When we say quality in-terms of photos or videos, we focus on your photo's location, resolution, and the overall effort in taking the image. We take in consideration of your dedication, and if the picture is to our liking we will feature you on our page and other influencer pages that we hire.

As an ambassador this is your chance to grow your account and increase engagement on your photos.